Review: “Gran Torino”

The film opens to the death of Walt Kowalski’s (played by Clint Eastwood) wife. Walt is a retired auto worker and Korean War veteran living in a shattered Detroit neighborhood. Shortly thereafter, he receives new Hmong neighbors next door, which Walt looks at with great disdain.

eastwood gran torino

The film reveals Walt’s troubled past, his sordid relationship with God, and his lack of emotional grip on his own family. His memories of Korea continue to shape and mold his modern day world view.

An unlikely friendship blossoms as Walt saves his teenage neighbor Thao from gang members, brandishing his M1 Garand rifle. The gang members leave, telling Walt to “watch his back”.

The rest of the story is an ongoing struggle between Walt, the gang, and God. It ends in a truly amazing final scene, and leaves Eastwood deserving of an Oscar nomination.

Unfortunately, he didn’t receive any consideration from the academy, which is most likely due to his politics, which do not cower to the Hollywood left.

The Verdict: Go see this movie.

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