Dissent is valuable to a republic. It encourages discussion and debate on issues. The framers of our constitution encouraged dissent through our first amendment right of freedom of speech. For the past eight years, this spirit of dissent was used as it should.

In the time of President Bush, there have been people who have called him a mass murderer. They have tarred and feathered him like no other. They have demonstrated. Shouted. Demanded (and still do) criminal charges be brought against him. He took it all. He didn’t fight back. He stood tall. He let them have their say, and he had his.

A view of the President's desk

Barack Obama is three days into his Presidency, and he is already miffed about a select few who do not agree with him. As the New York Post reports:

“You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done,” he told top GOP leaders, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package.

One White House official confirmed the comment but said he was simply trying to make a larger point about bipartisan efforts.

“There are big things that unify Republicans and Democrats,” the official said. “We shouldn’t let partisan politics derail what are very important things that need to get done.”

That wasn’t Obama’s only jab at Republicans today.

He is the President of the United States. The leader of the free world. He’s afraid of a man on the radio.

He wants “bipartisanship” and Republicans to work with Democrats. What he really wants is for them to shut up and go along for the ride. Isn’t it ironic that eight years of protest and celebration of our rights to freedom of speech can come to a crashing halt when a Democrat gets in office?

I seldom agreed with the left wing tirades against President Bush, but I don’t believe they should be silenced. They are allowed to speak their opinion, even if it is completely wacky.

Three days after the former President has settled down back in Midland, Texas, we are to now told to submit to President Obama.


I will not. I will not shut up. You do not get a free pass. You should be watched closely for what you do and say. You are to be held accountable.