Treasury Secretaries Don’t Have to Pay Taxes

Jonah Goldberg, of National Review, has written a great article about Timothy Geithner, President Obama’s nominee for Treasury Secretary. You know, the guy that ‘forgot’ to pay his taxes:

Obama defends Geithner, saying that his was a “common mistake,” that it is embarrassing but happens all the time. My National Review colleague Byron York reports that, at least according to the World Bank, Geithner’s “mistakes” are actually quite rare. Indeed, it’s almost impossible to believe that the man didn’t know exactly what he was doing given that he would have had to sign documents, disregard warnings and all in all turn his brain off to make the same “mistake” year after year. And keep in mind, Geithner is supposed to run the IRS. So maybe sloppiness isn’t that great a defense anyway.

The bulk of Senate Republicans seem willing to green-light his appointment because, in the words of many, “he’s too big to fail.” Wall Street likes this guy and so does Obama. So, who cares if he breaks and bends the rules? Who cares that he took a child-care tax credit to send his kids to summer camp? He’s the right man for the job, no one else can do it, he’s the financial industry’s man of the moment.

snipes mugshot

Whether Geithner is confirmed or not, I demand the immediate pardon of Wesley Snipes. He only made a “common mistake” by failing to pay his taxes. FREE WESLEY NOW. Did you see Passenger 57? This guy shouldn’t be in prison.

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  1. President Obama last week called Geithner’s tax problems an embarrassment but an “innocent mistake.” This was no innocent mistake or careless mistake, this was tax evasion that you or I would be held accountable for. IN fact we would probably be behind bars.

    I dare anyone reading this to not pay their taxes this year, I am sure it would be considerably less than Geithners because he is the upper echelon of over paid financial guru’s. He got away with what 42K plus? Just try 2K folks and see what happens. First comes the letters, nice at first just adding 18% interest then comes the we are going to get you letters then comes the “INTENT TO FILE A TAX LEIN” papers then they are going to drain any account anywhere that has your social security number attached to it. Could be your babies savings bonds doesn’t matter GONE.

    This is so ludicrous, everything with this guy is innocent. He is so used to Chicago style thug politics that nothing is against the law to him, everything is reasonable……we are so screwed……

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