Obama’s Approval Rating

The Politico reports:

The Gallup Poll on Saturday released the first job-approval rating for President Obama, based on interviews during his first three full days in office: 68 percent.

Now that he’s in office, Obama’s approval ratings are starting to normalize, as partisan back-and-forth picks up. Just a week ago, Gallup found an astonishing 83 percent approval of how he has handled his transition, showing he had even won over most Republicans.


If you notice the paragraph reports his approval rating as great news. He’s at sixty-eight percent after a full three days in office. What I see, however, is that his approval rating during transition and now since taking office, has dropped fifteen percentage points. Interesting, isn’t it?

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  1. Still a long way to below 50%; but YES,WE CAN HOPE for it to CHANGE further.

  2. “…showing he had even won over most Republicans.”

    Proving most Republicans are clueless, gullible idiots.

  3. Let’s see, he had a preacher at the inauguration who insulted white people, he has no comment on rappers that insulted white people at an inauguration party, and that was day one. He repeals abortion aid rule to foreign countries and pledges to close Gitmo without a plan for where these scumbag terrorists are to be held by day two. His approval will be at 55% by March. It probably won’t go down much further than 55% because most liberals will back him even if nukes Australia, and all of Western Europe.

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